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At Community Eye Care our doctors and staff are excited to be part of a heritage that has been providing excellent health care since 1965.  We strive to treat each person in our office with the dignity, kindness, compassion and courtesy they deserve.  We are dedicated to serve our community through preventative medicine and established medical practices, as well as using the newest technologies available.  We hope you will find our motivated staff helpful and compassionate with your eye care needs.    

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 “You’ll ‘See’ – We Care.”

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Jim Bridenstine
7250 Clearvista Dr. Suite 180
Indianapolis, IN 46256
317 - 845 - 3488

Medical Arts Optical
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Mary Booth
Amber Long
1400 N. Ritter Ave Suite 281
Indianapolis, IN 46219
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Post Cataract Surgery (Laser)

Blepharoplasty (Lid/Brow Reconstruction)

Our Vision

We at Community Eye Care of Indiana, Inc., are dedicated to a common set of goals...

  • To provide the best possible care for our patients in a comfortable & pleasant setting.
  • To treat each person with dignity, respect, kindness & courtesy they deserve.
  • To serve our community through preventative medicine & other various outreach programs.
  • To have the most qualified, motivated staff who enjoy their work & appreciate our patients.

At Community Eye Care of Indiana., Inc...

"You'll 'See' - We Care!"


Our History

Community Eye Care was established by Dr. David B. Kenney M.D. with the addition of Ronald Beams M.D. in 1970. In 1991 the practice moved to it's current location at Community East Hospital. Upon Dr. Kenny's retirement in 1994, John Latona M.D, Ph.D. joined the practice.

The practice was officially named Community eye Care of Indiana, INC in march 2004 when Dr. Beams retired leaving Dr. LaTona as sole owner. In order to meet the communities need for qualified comprehensive eye care, Richard Kautzman O.D. join the practice in 2004.

That same year, Dr. LaTona aquired Comprehensive Eye Care of Indiana at Community North Hospital and Community Arts Optical in 2004. After this expansion Community Eye Care of Indiana was well on it's way to being a landmark for comprehensive eye care in Indianapolis.

In ordering to adequately care of our growing patient base, Community Eye Care added more physicians to improve appointment availability and flexibility to better accommodate our patients' busy life styles. This addition included Mark Snyder O.D. in March of 2006, James Livengood, O.D in March of 2007, and Stacey Pruitt O.D. in May of 2007.

Community Eye Care is excited to be apart of a heritage that is providing excellent patient care since 1965. At Community Eye Care, you'll see, we care!